Mechanical Heads

Mechanical Heads

The mechanical heads designed and manufactured by IMA Tecno are applied on vertical lathes and gantry machines in cases where the RAM can drag the accessories.

Main Info

Both 1-2 axis heads and angular heads are available, in which the axes can be either continuous or indexed with couplings by Hirth from 1° to 5°

90° angular heads can be realized with fixed axis or indexed by Hirth coupling from 1° to 5°.
In the latter case, the axis movement can be controlled by an external motor or by the RAM axis.
The tool change can be either automatic or manual.

In the 1-2 axis mechanical heads the tool motion is generated directly by the machine RAM. The movement of the axes is controlled by external motors

The milling or grinding extensions designed and manufactured by IMA Tecno meet the most varied needs of Customers in terms of dimensions and transmissible torque and power.