Heads with Electrospindle

Heads with Electrospindle

The 2-axis continuous heads are developed for specific solutions where a high quality of mechanical machining by interpolation is requested.

Main Info

All the continuous 2-axis heads with electro spindle guarantee a high degree of positioning precision and repeatability.

The motion of the axes can be obtained through different solutions such as:

  • double pinion with backlash recovery
  • gear motor
  • direct drive

This type of head is suitable for machining operations that are not very heavy in terms of chip removal and in all those cases where extreme precision is not necessary (light machining of aluminium and wood).


This range of product guarantees an excellent compromise between the ability of removal, high rigidity and precision of movement.


The products in this range of heads are designed and manufactured to guarantee maximum ability of removal and sturdiness of the structure.

Milling and Turning
Tools CAPTO C10 or others HSK/ISO