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Who We Are

History of IMA Tecno

IMA Tecno was founded in the year 2000 and immediately became a leading Company in the world of mechanical components for machine tools.

In a short time it has established itself as a reliable and precise reality, manufacturer of components with a high technological content in many main sectors such as automotive, aerospace, energy, precision engineering.

The components designed and produced by IMA Tecno for turning, milling and grinding are:

  • Spindles and Electro spindles
  • Heads and electro heads
  • Mechanical heads with 1 and/or 2 axes

Not only mechanical components...

In recent years, IMA Tecno's business environment has grown a lot, both in terms of technology applied to the product, and in terms of technical skills achieved, necessarily resulting in new application solutions and tailored to specific Customer needs.

The product ranges introduced are:

  • RAM GEAR BOX with automatic tool change system (from 800-7000 Nm)
  • Hydrostatic electro spindles
  • Fast electro tables with direct drive for turning/milling
  • Plasma cutting heads, waterjet , laser
  • High torque electro spindles for integrated milling and turning (torques≥1500Nm).

In addition to multi-brand OVERHAUL and IMA Tecno TECHNOLOGICAL SERVICE you can request products that require a relationship with the machine manufacturer as true co-engineering.

Our sales and service network has collaborations in the main world markets, such as Asia, North America, South America, Eastern and Western Europe.