Ram solution


In RAM applications, where a high torque is generally required in very small dimensions, Ima Tecno offers 2 product ranges:
RTS unit (Ram Torque Spindle)
An electrospindle with particularly high performance in terms of torque is combined with an interface flange with hydraulic, pneumatic and electric users to automatically hook various accessories (from turning plates to milling or grinding accessories, ...).
RGB unit (Ram Gear Box)
If the torque is not sufficient for the same size, we move on to the adoption of systems integrated with Gear Box (MGS Denox). In this way it is possible to reach up to 5 times higher torques while maintaining the versatility of automatic attachment of accessories typical of RTS units.


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Types of Ram solution

The Ram Gear Box by Ima Tecno is a product that integrates a motor, a gearbox and a spindle. In addition, the user interface can be equipped with a hooking system for various accessories (heads, grinding extensions, turning turrets, etc.) while maintaining extremely compact dimensions.

The RTS Ima Tecno units form a symbiosis between all the advantages of the electro-spindle series and the RGB series in the special feature of the automatic change system of the milling, grinding and turning accessories.