The electrospindle is an electromechanical device, mounted on machine tools, equipped with an internal motor to generate the rotation of any installed tool and thus be able to perform the intended processing. The main feature of the electrospindle is to increase the precision and machining capacity of the machine tool ensuring the maximum ability to produce chips.

According to the intended use and the method of construction, the electrospindles are divided into:

  • Electrospindles for milling
  • Electrospindles for milling / turning
  • Electrospindles for turning
  • Electrospindles for grinding


Each type of electrospindle can be customized according to the type of processing required, the type of material (aluminum, steel, titanium) and the desired shape.

Thanks to the experience gained in the field, at Ima Tecno we are able to produce specific solutions for each type of mechanical processing both to replace existing applications and to respond to targeted production needs.