Grinding Electrospindles

Grinding Electrospindles

The grinding electrospindles can be different according to the planned use.

Many manufacturing techniques, in the latest years, have been perfectioned due to the use of high-tech components.

Main Info

To select the most suitable grinding electrospindle it is required a clear identification of its productive sector and the type of production wanted. 

In Ima Tecno we design and realize grinding electrospindles based on specific productive necessities.

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These grinding electrospindles are usually applied in combination with turning manufacture where the surface quality and the finished piece's tolerances demand a grinding manufacture.

This typology of grinding electrospindles has the possibility to interchange in automatic the different wheel and hook automatically its carter of protection.

To complete the grinding electrospindles range Ima Tecno offers different typologies of polishing electrospindles for polishing operations.


In Ima Tecno we design and realize a wide range of grinding accessories for applications on machines equipped with a motorized RAM.