Turning Electrospindles

Turning Electrospindles

In Ima Tecno we produce turning electrospindles suitable to every type of applications. This is possible because of a wide range of interfaces that guarantee the flexibility of working from small to big components.

Main Info

Every turning electrospindle can be realized according to different characteristics and parameters like:

  • Interface
  • Type of drive 
  • Power and torque
  • Motorization

Every product can be customized through:

  • Vibration and temperature sensors
  • Special interfaces
  • Cylinder supports

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  • mod. 11011a130

    mod. 11011a130

  • mod. 11011a140

    mod. 11011a140

  • mod. 11011a190

    mod. 11011a190

The range of interface of the turning electrospindles can change from ASA 5 to ASA 15.

We are able to design customized solutions according to specific requests.