Drilling Units

Drilling Units

IMA Tecno designs and manufactures different types of drilling units easily adaptable to different construction needs.

Description - Data code 10400A340 code 10400A350
Dimension ∅ 140 x 660 mm without motor
Max Speed 3.000 min-1 2.500 min-1
Tools interface ISO 40
Torque max 130 Nm
Unclamping tool holders Pneumatic
Tools change monitoring Sensor PNP
Lubrification bearings Grease for life
Motor All - Customer supply
Transmission Belt Driven
Frontal protection Air 0,2 Mpa
Cooling through the shaft Prearranged for rotary unit
External coolant 1 nozzle

Spindle with and without lifter 

Working Tools Type code 10400A340
code 10400A350
Drilling HSS ∅ min. 5 mm - max 25 mm ∅ min. 5 mm - max 35 mm
Integral Hard Metal ∅ min. 6 mm - max 15 mm ∅ min. 5 mm - max 25 mm
Insert Corondrill 880 ∅ min. 25 mm - max 30 mm ∅ min. 25 mm - max 40 mm
Tapping Tap max M30 max M30
Steel type Fe-530 - C40

Main Info

The drilling units consist of a spindle shaft, locking and unlocking cylinder and power transmission. They can be configured with different types of tool attachments and different types of servomotors.

The drilling units can be supplied complete with a Z-axis lifter of different lengths.