LMASS (Lifter Magnetic Anti Shock System) is a torch support consisting of a lifter and an anti-collision unit (Magnetic Anti Shock System).

Simple and economical, the solution is valid both for being applied on new machines and for upgrading existing ones. Through the control of the electric arc, LMASS keeps the distance between the torch and the sheet metal on constant levels

Main Info

The LMASS support allows us to determine the position of the torch by means of a PNP sensor that is activated after the torch is placed on the sheet metal. The activation stroke of 1 mm is ensured by a system of linear guides.

The system includes:

  • Linear lifter driven by a ball screw with protection by sheet metal bellows.
  • Lifter stroke control by means of end stroke and zeroing PNP.
  • Anti-collision group support consisting of two linear guides for the movement of 1 mm.
  • PNP sensor for sheet metal distance detection.
  • Anti-collision unit for torch support (MASS).